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Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS®) Independent Audit

Institutions with more than 1,000 mortgage loans registered with MERS® are required to have an independent third party monitor their process for obtaining, retaining, reconciling, and submitting mortgage registration data against their MERS® quality assurance plans. We have performed this role for a number of servicers, providing both the servicer and MERS® with an unbiased evaluation of the servicer’s procedures for complying with MERS® rules and requirements. Additionally, as servicers near the 1,000 registered loan threshold CrossCheck has assisted in developing and implementing the procedures needed to successfully meet the MERS® annual requirements.

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Client Type

Mortgage Banking – Servicer

Community Bank (<$1 billion in assets)

Intermediate Bank ($1 – $10 billion in assets)

Regional Bank ($10 – $50 billion in assets)

Large Bank (over $50 billion in assets)

Service Type

Operational Audit