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Audit Co-Source

Continued growth and increased regulatory scrutiny prompted a client to have CrossCheck assist them with the implementation of an internal audit function. After developing an audit charter, performing an audit risk assessment, and providing a multi-year internal audit plan, we assigned experienced internal audit consultants to complete the audit plan. The goal of an internal audit is to identify areas for improvement in the institution’s control environment, policies, procedures and practices, and to provide practical, sustainable recommendations that address the root cause of issues identified. Each internal audit consultant assigned to the engagement was equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to fully understand the functional area being audited and make value added recommendations. In addition to completing the audit plan each year, we regularly provide reports to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, and provide ongoing consultation to the institution as needed.

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Client Type

Intermediate Bank – ($1 – $10 billion in assets)

Community Bank (<$1 billion in assets)

Credit Union

Mortgage Banking – Originator

Mortgage Banking – Servicer

Service Type

Audit Function Development