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California Mortgage Bankers Association (CMBA) Member Profile

CrossCheck Compliance LLC was recently profiled by the California Mortgage Bankers Association (CMBA). Our CEO, Jim Jorgensen, responded to the “Big 3” questions posed by the association about the state of the market and what to look forward to in the future.

Speaker Engagements

Webinar – The Regulation Where Everybody Knows Your Name

CCC_QuestSoft Webinar Series -The Regulation Where Everybody Knows Your Name


Managing Risk – Are You Fair and Responsible?

Managing Risk – MortgageComplianceMagazine Managing fair lending risk has become one of the more critical and subjective areas of compliance risk management in today’s regulatory environment. Assessing risk is becoming more complex … are you fair AND responsible?   


New and Re-emerging Fair Lending Risks

Mortgage Compliance Magazine – New and Re-emerging Fair Lending Risks Loretta Kirkwood and Austin Brown of Skadden, Arps partnered to discuss new risks and renewed interest in “old” risks in the every-changing world of fair lending risk management.  

Speaker Engagements

HMDA – Are WE Ready?

HMDA_CU_REALM_Handout. This handout accompanied a webinar presentation on August 16, 2017 to CU: REALM.


Distinguishing Between a Real Internal Audit and an ‘Imitation’

Chris Ortigara discusses the key considerations for independent mortgage companies as they look to outside resources for internal audit support. Cross Check MCM Internal Audit – August 2017


California Mortgage Finance News – Regulatory/Compliance Outlook

Chris Ortigara, participating in this roundtable article, reflects on MSAs, challenges facing the mortgage industry and what lenders can do to better protect their data and information.


Effective Partnerships Between Banks and Marketplace Lenders – Managing Third-Party Risk

Jim Shankle and Chris Ortigara discuss the three critical components of successfully managing third-party risk of fintechs.


Compliance Management – Working Smarter

Liza Warner discusses best practices for managing the compliance function in this article published in ABA Bank Compliance.


What Is Your Time Worth?

In Mortgage Compliance Magazine, Todd Krell discusses how you can have a more effective quality assurance program.


MReport – Assessing the Risk of Mortgage Servicing

In M Report, Loretta Kirkwood discusses the potential fair lending issues in mortgage servicing.


California Mortgage Finance – Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Leadership, Advice for General Counsel from General Counsel

Monika McCarthy shares the advice of General Counsel colleagues on the challenges impacting the mortgage industry in this article published in California Mortgage Finance News. Learn more about how to better navigate this year’s risks.


ABA Bank Compliance – Best Practices for Managing the Consumer Complaint Program

Liza Warner discusses best practices for the consumer complaint management program in this article published in ABA Bank Compliance. Learn more about how banks can more effectively meet their strategic business objectives and manage regulatory risk.


Preparing for CFPB Servicing Exams, Avoiding Common Mistakes With Servicing Transfers and Private Mortgage Insurance

Jim Shankle and Chris Ortigara discuss preparing for CFPB servicing exams in this article published in Mortgage Compliance Magazine. Learn more about avoiding common mistakes with servicing transfers and private mortgage insurance.


ABA Bank Compliance – Compliance in 3D, The Second Line of Defense, Are the Stars Aligned?

Liza Warner discusses best practices for managing the second and third lines of defense in two articles published in ABA Bank Compliance Journal. Learn how to better protect your organization against risks in the compliance process.


Are you integrating TRID Into Your Quality Control Process?

Todd Krell and Chris Ortigara discuss the considerations regarding implementing TRID into your QC process. This article can also be found in the Summer Issue of California Mortgage Finance News published by the California Mortgage Bankers Association.


Best Practices for Establishing a Cost-Effective Internal Audit Function

Heidi Wier discusses best practices for establishing a cost-effective internal audit function. Learn how to implement internal audit in a mortgage environment.

White Papers

Why Mortgage Companies Should Embrace Internal Audit

The heightened regulatory focus on the mortgage industry is driving public and non-public mortgage companies to enhance their corporate governance structures by implementing effective internal audit functions.


Internal Audit, Where Does It Fit in the Compliance Puzzle?

Chris Ortigara and Jim Shankle discuss internal audit for mortgage bankers in Mortgage Compliance Magazine. Learn how internal audit fits in the compliance puzzle.


HMDA … Hmm is My Data Accurate?

In this article in Mortgage Compliance Magazine, learn more about the accuracy of HMDA data.