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Mortgage Loan Review

Today mortgage lenders and servicers face substantial regulatory oversight — from origination to post-closing to servicing to foreclosure — due to tightened standards from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), prudential regulators, and investors.

Our residential mortgage loan review process takes a comprehensive approach by analyzing an institution’s risk management tools, approach, and culture. It’s more imperative than ever that mortgage lenders and servicers have the right processes and procedures in place to comply with the new rules. Our services include:

  • Quality Control Audits (Prefunding and Post-closing)
  • Repurchase Analysis
  • Portfolio Due Diligence
  • Mortgage Servicing Audits
  • Foreclosure Reviews
  • Mortgage Insurance Rescissions
  • Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS)
  • Fraud Review
  • Vendor Audits

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Commercial Loan Review

The quality of a bank or credit union’s loan portfolio is a key component in the potential risk to depositors and to the FDIC or NCUSIF insurance funds. As such, the bank’s lending policies, credit administration, and the quality of the loan portfolio is aggressively scrutinized by regulators. With effective policies, credit administration processes, and loan review process, management can be assured that controls over lending operations protect your institution from significant financial, operational and reputational harm. The right loan review system will help ensure that problem credits have been identified and are appropriately monitored to mitigate losses.

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